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About Us

Board of Directors /Promoters

Mr. Ashish Pruthi

Mr. Ashish Pruthi is the MD of RAL. He is the alumnus of Portsmouth University (UK) and serving the pharmaceutical industry for almost 17 years. He is innovative as well as receptive in the overall review of the company affairs, helping people in taking right decisions and giving right direction to the company. His inclination towards scientific innovations and tech-savvy attitude helped the organisation to embrace the newest technologies in the industry.

Mrs. Sushma Pruthi

Mrs. Sushma Pruthi is one of the promoter directors of the company. She has a good business acumen and experience, which are the source of inspiration and professional growth for the entire RAL family. She has been inducted into the Board as a woman director as per the stipulation of the Companies Act - 2013.

Mr. Rakesh Girdhar

Mr. Rakesh Girdhar is the Marketing Head of RAL and he is contributing to the organisation with his vast experience and knowledge since its establishment in 1989. He is the man who made incredible efforts to enhance the image of RAL in the market and among all the stakeholders. Now, he is planning to make RAL a multinational organisation of good brand equity.

All the people in the RAL Board of Directors are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields, and there is a dedicated team of managers and technically qualified staff who help them day to day business activities.


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